New Track side Support Race Truck and Awning

April saw delivery of the Teams new trackside support Race truck and awning. Having outgrown the previous truck and looking to provide our drivers with a better working environment the new truck was sourced.

A complete Re Spray white and the bodywork sorted, by our friend at Essexbodies, and new awning design by MDM designs everything was set for its first outing to Rowrah.

Race support is available for all major UK Races, Super 1, Pfi Club races, Whilton Mill Club races, RGMMC X30 Euro Series.

20170309_180523                  20170316_180854


The truck can provide transport for up to 12 karts and the awning big enough to hold 12 drivers with more than enough space. and fully contained no need to go in and out to the van. inside plenty of storage for driver gear and spare parts.



2016 season summary and 2017 plans

2016 Almost Iame X30 Domination
A year that always looked to be good did not fail to deliver. With a long results list,

  • Vice European Champions
  • Vice British Super 1 champions
  • 3rd Junior x30 Super 1championship
  • 4th Senior x30 European championship
  • Qualifying 4th and 15th in World Championship from 142 karts!
  • Hkc senior x30 champions
  • 3rd British kartmasters GP
  • 14national podiums.

Not only have the results been great so has the growth of the team and the great
family spirit. People seem to forget that the sport we all love is supposed to be

What will 2017 bring?
With preparation already well underway. The team will again focus on the x30
classes and push to secure both the british and European titles. Driver line up
looks to be strong with the return of nearly all drivers and a few key new

An investment in a new race truck and large wrap around awning will allow us to
provide a better and much larger working environment and now means we can cater for
2 further drivers.

We will continue our partnership with Paul Carr for engine support and work along
side him to develop this area and to provide the best possible product and track
side support.

The Mach1 kart again will be the product of choice after a great 2016 a few tweaks
over the winter look to strengthen its position as arguably the only real “other

To arrange a test or find out more information on how we can help you with your
racing feel free to contact us.

Call: +44 (0) 7701065325
Twitter: @mlcmotorsport
Facebook: MLC Motorsport

Iame X30 International Final Le Mans 2016

Le Mans x30 world finals.

With good testing before the event showing great speed the teams hopes were rightly
high when arriving in le mans for the race.

And as the test days unfolded this proved itself with pace that would see us right
at the front from both Brett Ward and Ollie Varney. With other senior drivers Davey
Shepherd and Luke Van Harwarde gradually improving session by session.

20161016_134510  FB_IMG_1476305415316

Qualifying saw this continue with Ward taking p2 and varney p4 in group. Which would
mean Ward would start pole for most of his heats and varney on row 3. Not bad from
144 drivers. Shepherd and Van Harwarde would secure mid pack starts.

The heats started well with Ward never out of the top 4 and Varney a few places back.

First race friday saw Ward get hit clean off at the start resulting in a Non finish
which would in turn cost him a front 2 row start in the grand final. Varney
continued with solid finishes. Shepherd at time just outside the top 10 but also at
times becoming involved in incidents, a similar story with van Harwarde.


FB_IMG_1480428580668 FB_IMG_1476771803228 FB_IMG_1480581444770
Ward would line up 17th in the main final and varney right behind.

In finals day warm up ward was p2 so hopes were still high. But in the pre final
both droped to nearly last after a crash at turn 1. Then a great drive back to 17th
and 18th with 2nd and 3rd fastest lap times still on old tyres when many had gone
new meant there was still a chance.

Ward in the grand final was again driven over at the start and damaged his exhaust
meaning a retirement. Varney had a good start but the new set of tyres just not
working well he eventually finished a creditable 14th.

Who know where Ward would have finished if he had started further forward as his
results and speed deserved. Certainly in the race thats for sure. But thats

Also mention for Rached Ghanhem in juniors from lebanon who improved greatly through
testing. Qualifyied mid pack a had some great heats at times with pace inside the
top 5.

Overall a credit to the team and Mach1kart. To again run right at the front as we
have done all year.