Continued Success in IAME X30

The MLC team continue to be at the forefront of the IAME X30 races in both junior and senior. Race wins at PFI and Kimbolton, and a brace of fastest laps and lap records.

The Mach1 Chassis proving to be the perfect choice for the class. “its just easy to work with and setup in all conditions, and so easy to drive” said team driver Josh Hatton after run of podiums as well as fastest lap and lap record at PFI last week.

iame engines gus X30


With a run of recent success and the hard work of the team paying off, anyone interested in the IAME X30 class should get in touch for a test.

A New Way To Race in 2014

Arrive and drive msa kart racing has up to now only been an option for the wealthy. With many people now not in a position to store or transport thier own kart, MLC have a new solution fully supported arrive and drive race weekends at a affordable price.

Just turn up and race, Karts are all les than six months old and come fully prepared. With either Kosmic (OTK) (Tonykart) or Mach1 Chassis options available

IMG_1934  awning shot

Included in the package is the following:

  • Kart Chassis complete with all parts needed to tune it for track conditions
  • Engine hire complete
  • Awning space and team race support
  • Fuel Lubricants and accessory parts to tune engine and chassis as guided by the team.

extras as required are personal mechanic which can be provided at additional cost, and tyres.

£495.00 Rotax


£540.00 IAME X30

available at PF International (TVKC), Rye house (HKC), Kimbolton (HKRC), Whilton Mill (Stars at whilton Mill)

We can also provide this service at Rotax Super 1 and Kartmasters at PFi. (please contact us for packages for these events)

Feel free to get in touch for more information

Great Start to 2014 Success in Rotax and IAME X30

The first two months of 2014 have been a huge success for the MLC team. with a total of 12 Trophies and 8 fastest laps and a lap record.

“preparations over the winter of both drivers and equipment has paid off” said team Manager Lee Murray. “Huge investment in both time, money and hard work have paid off with a great run of results and speed”

in Rotax saw the MLC team dominate the junior classes at Kimbolton in Febuary with fastest laps in every Minimax and junior Rotax race all day, end with two podiums which should have been three but for a first corner incident. and then another strong performance at Whilton mill with yet two more podiums this time in Minimax and Senior Rotax.


The team have also had good Success in the IAME X30 class in both senior and junior. with John Norris taking pole for the first final at PF to eventually finish 2nd in a small but world class grid, and some of the best racing seen in the UK for a long time. Then in the Febuary meeting the team with Gus Lawrence in junior X30 getting brace of fastest laps pre final win and then win in the main final. Proving the MLC teams hard work and testing in the new class is paying off.

IMG_2008                         iame engines


For more information how MLC could help your racing in 2014 please feel free to get in touch.