Mach1 UK Team Setting the Pace Everywhere In Iame X30

April and May have been busy months for the MLC Motorsport team, with busy regular club meetings along with two rounds of the LGM Series for X30.

In the first round of the LGM series at Pfi, the teams senior drivers were impressing with great pace three of them in the top 10 form the 72 kart field, qualifying saw Mach1 UK driver Gus Lawrence put it on the front row, with the rest of the team not far off, the racing was tough and saw Lawrence having a bad start in the final eventually finishing 11th with team mate Josh Hatton coming through to 12th after technical problems in the heats.

varney win

The following week saw the team straight to Kimbolton for the second round, where again 60 kart grid in senior x30 the biggest races the UK has seen for a long time. What was about to occur is un heard of at this level, Gus Lawrence was to post fastest laps in every single race!! clearly the fastest kart on track, only a poor start in the final dropping to 18th cost him what should have been a drive away win, he eventually raced back through to a creditable 6th passing various champions along the way and again posting the fastest lap.

Two weeks after at Whilton Mill it was the juniors time to shine, with Davey Shepherd setting essentially fastest laps and driving some great heats against much more experienced drivers to give him a well earned 5th grid position for the A Final from 47 kart grid, unfortunately on a second slow roll up lap his engine oiled up, meaning starting way off the back of the pack. The Essex based Shepherd kept his head down to drive back to a mid pack finish with great pace. Jake Bowman also showing strong pace eventually finished 13th having to race a damaged kart from an earlier incident. It seemed like the results were eluding us, even at times being in a class of our own..

gus pole       cameron kart

Then came Pfi, again the blistering pace continued the MLC Mach1 drivers Gus Lawrence and Ollie Varney Posting fastest laps between them a 1st and 2nd in a heat, they really were commanding the grid. A wet final saw Varney make his way to the front and then just drive away to win by 6 seconds! Lawrence running 5th and 2nd fastest on track at that stage only to his team mate, had to retire with a broken side pod, else a double podium would have been the result. However a dominant win from Varney was a great result.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to test the 2015 Mach1 Kart that is taking the Iame X30 Class by storm.

Pfi Iame X30 Podium Starting to Feel like Home


The March TVKC club meeting at the Pf international circuit once again hosted arguably the best x30 grids so far with nearly 40 drivers in both the the senior and junior class, both bigger than the Rotax grids.

Off the back of our previous months success our hopes were rightly high, and Saturday testing proved to be strong, at times posting fastest times and looking good for the Sunday.


In timed qualifying the senior drivers putting themselves 5th and 7th far enough forward to race for the win, in Juniors 5th and 8th in group was solid and again close enough to the front for a good result.

The Senior Pre Final was fairly un eventful with the drivers ending up where they started with good pace, after discussing through the data some small changes were made to chassis setup and the final was a different story with Ollie Varney storming through to finish 2nd and battling for the lead and Josh Hatton a creditable 4th in his first race for three months.


This also secured Victory in the TVKC Winter championship, “we deserved the Championship but had to come from behind after an engine failure in the first round left us with a non finish, without this we would have won it with a big margin but kept us on our toes, and a credit to the whole team and a great double podium again” Said team Manager Lee Murray.

varney 3

The juniors not so lucky in the racing good overall pace but seemed to be involved in every incident on track. Leaving a mix of non finishes and battling back up through the pack.

For a Test in Iame X30 or to arrange yourself some race winning support please feel free to get in touch to find out how we could help your racing in 2015.

New 2015 Mach1 Kart available now and taking the Iame X30 Classes by storm

New Mach1 2015 now available, the Kart that has been taking the Iame X30 grids by storm with Numerous podiums already in 2015. Complete Rolling Chassis only £2495.00 plus Vat.


At the end of the year 2014, Mach1 Kart was able to look back on a successful season and is already working on the continuation of this in the future. In addition to a new chassis called Mach1 FIA5, the Swabians presented a brand-new brake system for the shifterkart classes and numerous detail improvements regarding the attachment parts.

The year 2014 has been a good one for the German chassis manufacturer. The team from Meimsheim was able to impress nationally as well as internationally and celebrated a huge success due to the X30 Shifter overall victory at the X30 International Final in Le Mans. Additionally, they achieved second place at the KZ2 EM-run in Wackersdorf. At the German Shifterkart Championship, the team drove in the forefront as well.

Mach1 Kart wants to grow further next season and is creating the basis for this with the newly homologated chassis FIA5 A01. The model was developed completely new with help of modern computer simulation and has been optimized during numerous test drives. It has got an even better handling than its forerunner – also new are CNC-routed aluminum pedals and lighter cover parts.

After first test drives Martin Hetschel was excited about the performance: “A really great chassis. The kart is even easier to drive and provides a high precision on varying grip conditions.”


2015 kart

Tech Specs

Measures Tubing material: CrMo-steel
Main tubes: 30mm
Traversal tubes: 30mm
Wheel base: 1048mm
Frame color: macadamia metallic
In the Box KG FP7+Duo-Evo bodywork (white, black, red, blue), rear protector CIK/14 (black), Mach1 Chromo decal kit, magnesium rims DWT VLV 132/212, seat HRP/IMAF, HRP EvoX brake system, Mach1 steering wheel 320mm (or 340mm), steering rod vario with excentrics, Sniper Adjuster for setting camber and caster, CNC-machined aluminium pedals, chain guard KG closed, exhaust holders
Options hand operated HRP front brakes, foot rest Vario, additional seat stays, chain guard closed, brake disc protection



Please get in touch for any more information or to arrange a test.


Junior And Senior Iame X30 Success in the Toughest UK grids so far at PFI

With the biggest and probably most competitive grids of X30 that the UK has seen
the MLC Motorsport team had a strong line up in both the junior and senior class.
“We had every confidence in our preparation for this race off the back of our senior
victory the month earlier, but it’s always going to be tough against this type of
competition, it was not you average small club grid so competition would be strong”




35 juniors lined up for timed qualifying and MLC pair Cameron Boedler and Jake
Bowman both only doing two days ever at the track nearly secured a front row lockout
for the team eventually ending on pole position and fourth respectively
In the pre final both juniors were running in the top three from the 34 kart field
unfortunately towards the end of the race Bowman suffered some damage and dropped to
10th with Boedler holding strong for 2nd to start his first ever UK race and first
race at PFI ever on the front row.




In the final Boedler drive away with the lead pack of 5 ending in a great battle in
the last few laps eventually finishing 3rd. Bowman was not so lucky getting caught
in huge crash first lap ending the expected charge back to the front.

In seniors it was not as plain sailing an engine misfire meaning senior driver Ollie
Varney had to make a charge from the back in the final carving through the quality
field to eventually bag a another podium for the team. Making it a double podium for
the MLC team in the best grids so far the UK has seen.






New Trackside Support Awning


With the growth and success of the team over the last few months a large investment was made into our trackside support facility. This to accompany our recently built race track provides the team, customers, and guests facilities second to none.

Now with the new larger awning, Heated during the colder months, we have the perfect working environment in which to focus on our racing, Including High speed Wifi available for the team.

Race Support and awning Space available at the following tracks and championships in 2015

PFI TVKC club Championship

Kimbolton HKRC Championship

Whilton Mill Stars at Whilton Mill championship

The LGM Series X30 Tour

Kartmasters 2015 at PFinternational

Rye House HKC Championship

Le Mans X30 World Championships


Call: 07701065325

Dominating July For The Team

The MLC team continue to be at the front and July was no exception, some dominating results in various classes

The HKRC meeting at Kimbolton was host the LGM series including the New X30 tour. The team showed front running pace all weekend in both the seniors and junior X30 class. Eventually finishing 3rd in juniors from the strong 25 kart grid, having lead most of the final, Just missing out in a great battle.

This was followed by a great Win in Minimax and from a large and strong grid and fastest lap to top it off.

Two weeks later at Whitlon Mill for the Stars of Whilton Mill Championship, the whole team had blistering pace all weekend, fast enough to take the win in every class the MLC team were represented in.

Again IAME X30 juniors was completely dominated by the MLC team with the Mach1 Kart and Grice Racing Engines power, Winning all of the heats, with fastest laps in them all, winning the final with the fastest lap and breaking the lap record 3 times!!

Also At times posting fastest laps in Iame X30 Senior with a very inexperienced driver eventually ending a great 3rd, showing great progress from the driver and the Mach1 Package being the perfect choice for the new to the UK class.

Junior Rotax again some fastest laps in the 25 kart field, leading the final twice just unfortunately missing out in a great last two lap battle.

Minimax again really fast all weekend never really out of the top 5 pace just incident filled race day deprived the driver and team the result that was rightly deserved.

Tests are available in all classes, and any drivers wanting to test the ultimate X30 package should get in touch.

New Race Support Lorry and Data Station

Over the last few months we have been sourcing and having built and new trackside support lorry, that will help to improve the team efficiency when at the track and also ensure that our equipment can be transport safely and securely.

The Lorry was purchased as a standard box lorry and then converted to our requirements.

Lorry3  lorry4


The new Truck includes state of the art data station with Wifi internet, and office area that can be used for debriefing during race weekends.

Also improving the teams capacity to transport up to 8 karts and all of the equipment needed to run them.

lorry1  lorry2

Continued Success in IAME X30

The MLC team continue to be at the forefront of the IAME X30 races in both junior and senior. Race wins at PFI and Kimbolton, and a brace of fastest laps and lap records.

The Mach1 Chassis proving to be the perfect choice for the class. “its just easy to work with and setup in all conditions, and so easy to drive” said team driver Josh Hatton after run of podiums as well as fastest lap and lap record at PFI last week.

iame engines gus X30


With a run of recent success and the hard work of the team paying off, anyone interested in the IAME X30 class should get in touch for a test.

IAME X30 Testing a big Success

With lots of talk about the new IAME X30 class in the uk, the team have been preparing to get ahead of the game. Last weekend saw the first fully structured testing of any scale for the team in the class. Four drivers, two juniors and two seniors spent two days at PFI international kart track preparing for the first race in January and the season ahead. Including Mach1 factory works driver John Norris, who will be racing with MLC for the first IAME X30 race. Also first time with the team Gus Lawrence in the junior class. Along with Mach1 and team regulars Josh Hatton and Angelo Prodromou.

gus X30 John Norris Test

Arriving at a damp PFI circuit Friday morning conditions were far from ideal, but with possibly the largest range of X30 kit anywhere in the UK right now to test no time was wasted hitting the track. good solid progress was made learning the New Komet wet tyre and how it worked with our kart. by the end of the wet testing all drivers finding good speed and balance with their equipment,

Saturday saw a much drier day, the team set about testing through the engines and accessories gaining vast amounts of data that will become invaluable in the up coming races. Again in the dry pace was very strong clearly fastest of the X30 karts on track.

iame engines

Having the support of the Mach1 factory and John Norris, who has driven and worked with the X30 in Europe, again gave us a big advantage. His knowledge sped up our testing process enabling no time to be lost.

We would like to say a big thank you to Grice racing engines for partnering us in being pioneers of the class

We will continue to test the X30 over the Christmas period, and anyone interested in testing with the team should get in touch, for either IAME X30, Rotax, IAME Cadet.

IAME X30 Testing

With the Iame X30 engine coming to the UK in 2014, the MLC team in partnership with Grice Racing engines have been one of the first to test the new engine in the UK.

The class has a huge following in central Europe with large grids and good close racing. With the Mach 1 Factory team in Germany heavily involved in the class and in fact just winning the German Championship, it makes perfect sense for us to get involved early in a bid to get a head start.

The engine itself in our opinion is the perfect kart engine for modern times. It is fast with a traditional kart engine power band, revs fairly high but whilst remaining bullet proof. Add this with some modern luxuries electric start and clutch the the X30  really does seem to be the perfect package.

Initial tests seem very positive the engine is easy to work with and has not missed a beat in both wet and dry conditions,

IMAG1680  IMAG1660

We will be supporting the class throughout 2014 and have drives and race support available, if your are interested in the class or o arrange a test on what could be the future of UK karting please feel free to get in touch.