IAME X30 Testing

With the Iame X30 engine coming to the UK in 2014, the MLC team in partnership with Grice Racing engines have been one of the first to test the new engine in the UK.

The class has a huge following in central Europe with large grids and good close racing. With the Mach 1 Factory team in Germany heavily involved in the class and in fact just winning the German Championship, it makes perfect sense for us to get involved early in a bid to get a head start.

The engine itself in our opinion is the perfect kart engine for modern times. It is fast with a traditional kart engine power band, revs fairly high but whilst remaining bullet proof. Add this with some modern luxuries electric start and clutch the the X30  really does seem to be the perfect package.

Initial tests seem very positive the engine is easy to work with and has not missed a beat in both wet and dry conditions,

IMAG1680  IMAG1660

We will be supporting the class throughout 2014 and have drives and race support available, if your are interested in the class or o arrange a test on what could be the future of UK karting please feel free to get in touch.