New Track side Support Race Truck and Awning

April saw delivery of the Teams new trackside support Race truck and awning. Having outgrown the previous truck and looking to provide our drivers with a better working environment the new truck was sourced.

A complete Re Spray white and the bodywork sorted, by our friend at Essexbodies, and new awning design by MDM designs everything was set for its first outing to Rowrah.

Race support is available for all major UK Races, Super 1, Pfi Club races, Whilton Mill Club races, RGMMC X30 Euro Series.

20170309_180523                  20170316_180854


The truck can provide transport for up to 12 karts and the awning big enough to hold 12 drivers with more than enough space. and fully contained no need to go in and out to the van. inside plenty of storage for driver gear and spare parts.